It Doesn’t Take Much to Become Someone’s Hero

$25 a month will support one child.

More than 5 million Hoosier families face food insecurity.

In Sullivan, Greene, and Clay counties, 3,030 children are suffering.

As we serve more and more children, we need more heroes. people like you to help us love these children and make sure they get enough to eat.

Will you join us?

When you join the Brown Baggers community, you join a special group of good-hearted people who work to serve and protect our most vulnerable children.

When you feed a child, you not only calm the gnawing hunger in her belly but, with it, the gnawing anxiety that comes with not knowing when she’ll eat again.

You also:

  • Renew a child’s faith
  • Give him hope
  • Warm her heart
  • Cheer him up
  • Make it easier for her to concentrate
  • Help him stay out of trouble
  • Pave the way for a brighter future
  • Teach her to give

That’s why we’re asking you to join us for a special initiative—a $25 per month sponsorship to support a child. You can, of course, give more if your budget allows.

Brown Baggers has no paid staff. We are 100% volunteer-run and 100% donation-funded. Your $25 or more will go to feed hungry children.

We can’t save all the world’s children, but with your help, we can save some.

What if it were your child?

Thank you so much for your $25 per month sponsorship, or any amount you can give.

Israel and Kay Brewer
President and Project Manager
Brown Baggers School Food Program
Sullivan, Indiana

Help founders of Brown Baggers School Food Program, Kay and Israel Brewer with their critical mission.
Brown baggers serves children in need of help and hope.

Claim SUPERHERO status today with your tax-deductible donation.

Did you know?

You can create a GoFundMe event to coordinate with:

  • Your birthday
  • A holiday
  • A planned fundraiser
  • Any old time at all!

“You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.”
― Amy Carmichael

“Feeding Children, One Bag at a Time.”